Melania Trump 'lost out on Tatler cover to Meghan Markle because her most trusted staffer failed to negotiate deal'

MELANIA Trump reportedly missed her chance to land the cover of Tatler's November issue to Meghan Markle because her chief of staff failed to negotiate a deal for the first lady.

During her husband Donald Trump's re-election bid, Stephanie Grisham managed to land Melania the only exclusive interview of his campaign with the British fashion magazine.

But Grisham, the first lady's most trusted staffer, didn't negotiate a cover deal despite shrugging off multiple interview offers from big-name outlets, according to New York Post columnist Miranda Devine.

"Having eschewed countless offers for positive interviews from American outlets such as Women’s Wear Daily and The Post, Grisham allowed the British magazine Tatler to have the only exclusive interview of the campaign for its November issue," Devine wrote.

"And yet she did not negotiate the cover of the magazine. Instead, Meghan Markle took the honor."

The reported misstep is one of several, according to Trump staffers who suggested Melania should cut ties with Grisham before leaving the White House, sources told Devine.

"All the people who spoke to me for this column say they are motivated by a desire to save the first lady from keeping Grisham for her post-White House life or to help Melania write her memoirs," the conservative writer claimed in her Monday morning piece.

Trump insiders told Devine that none of this is an accident and claim that Melania has been too trusting of Grisham, who previously served as White House press secretary and communications director.

White House staff also said they blame Grisham for Bob Woodward's Rage, his September 2020 book criticizing Donald Trump's presidency, since she was the press secretary at the time when the deal was negotiated.

Grisham was a press secretary who "never talked to the press" and didn't do her job "very well," according to a former colleague of hers.

"She finagled her way into the job but she didn’t serve the press very well, and the president was vastly underserved," the colleague told Devine.

The Sun has reached out to the White House for a request for comment.

In the final weeks of Trump's presidency, Devine's explosive op-ed has prompted reports of infighting in the Trump camp.

One White House official told the Daily Mail that the Post column is likely one in a string of hit pieces to come.

"'I think unfortunately it probably it is," the official said of more pieces to come, adding that "this is not uncommon with some of the folks around the president."

The New York Post piece is another blow to the president, who has lostback-to-back legal battles as he struggles to try and overturn the 2020 election results.

Melania missed another shot at a magazine cover in October, when a secret tape reportedly revealed she was shocked to see Beyonce as Vogue Magazine's September 2018 cover star.

The first lady's former BFF, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, secretly recorded Melania as she spoke about the editor-in-chief of Vogue's decision to feature the singer on the magazine.

"I don't give a f*** about Vogue," Melania said in July 2018 in response to the decision, NBC News reported.

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