Melbourne’s coffee culture is overrated, but this is the nail in the coffin

Despite growing up and living in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs, I’m often grouped in with the latte-sipping, inner-city hipsters stereotypical of my generation. I am a bearded millennial and I do love my flat white (with one sugar, please), so I suppose I do tick most of the boxes.

But the fact is, no matter your age or facial hair, it is the Melbourne tradition to grab a cappuccino on the way in to wherever you’re going, even if it makes you fashionably late.

It is the Melbourne tradition to grab a cappuccino on the way in to wherever you’re going.Credit:iStock

Or so it used to be.

Now, there is speculation we could be paying up to $7 for a regular cup of coffee by the end of the year, due to global turbulence and ballooning inflation.

Well, smash my avocado and throw out my future home loan! That’s just too much, even for millennials!

It is sad to see once thriving cafes nearly deserted, but with lockdowns and sparse office buildings already spelling the demise of many CBD cafes – including my office’s favourite – the routine of a morning mocha is out the window. Melbourne’s coffee culture has been overrated for a long time, but this is the final nail in the coffin.

We can’t totally forgo our daily caffeine hit.

We can’t totally forgo our daily caffeine hit – we are addicted, after all. Instead, we will be looking at the much cheaper options.

For the past year, I’ve been on the coffee-at-home express. My girlfriend bought me a Nespresso machine for my birthday last August. I haven’t bought a take-away coffee since! Why pay for anything else when I can have a quick, tasty coffee at home for about 80 cents a pod? With the huge rise in working from home, I know am not the only one who has experienced this epiphany.

It has extended to my office too. We no longer venture downstairs for our 2pm pick-me-up. Instead, we use the communal pod machine. My colleagues who do miss the feeling of a paper cup in hand have found themselves obsessed with 7/11 coffee, which only costs $1 (and actually isn’t that bad).

On that note, I’ve come to realise you can find good coffee anywhere these days. Dare I say, in Sydney, Tasmania and even in New Zealand, you can find a quality drop on any corner. Is this yet another jewel Melbourne has lost from its crown?

Melburnians know good coffee, which is why I don’t think we will be reaching for the instant just yet. However, we don’t like paying too much for something when we can get it cheaper and better at home.

It’s a bad time for all coffee lovers in Melbourne. At least try to have some sympathy for the millennial hipsters.

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