Mia Khalifa says ‘f*** no’ in freak out after spotting spider during photoshoot

OnlyFans model and media personality Mia Khalifa has been spotted freaking out over a spider that startled her during a photoshoot.

An upload to her Instagram story saw the 29-year-old model in a state of shock and horror after she came into close contact with an eight-legged beast.

Mia found herself surrounded by shrubbery and spiders while stood in front of fashion store Aires, where the former Pornhub star was attempting to grab a few snaps of herself.

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She shared the scary encounter to her Instagram story, captioning it "that'll be a 'f*** no' from me" with a series of laughing faces preceding her caption.

Her photoshoot came alongside artist Cora Lilliana, who was spotted snapping a handful of shots of Mia, as well as featuring in a few of the photos herself.

Lilliana did not feature in the photo that saw Mia come face to face with a spider, but did snap the other photographs the influencer had showcased on her story.

Mia also shared some photos with her millions of followers, with a series of photographs from her time in Ibiza, Spain, posted to her Instagram story and her page.

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Captioning her latest post with "'I-beether' anyone" and a Union Jack next to it, Mia wowed her fans with photos of her living the high life, including boat rides and canapé's.

Daily Star recently reported part of Mia's trips around the world, with the OnlyFans star asking whether it would be possible to have pizza delivered to the boat she was aboard.

A post to her Instagram feed that racked up over 750,000 likes showed a series of holiday snaps, with the caption reading: "Can you deliver a pizza to the boat?".

Whether Mia managed to get her pizza onboard is unknown, but she did post recently to her Instagram story showcasing a pizza purchased from Fellini's pizza in Atlanta, United States.

The cheesy delicacy was sandwiched between snaps of Mia dealing with her spider encounter and a snap of her and fashion model Jenna Lee enjoying some tea inside of a car.

Mia had captioned the post inside of the vehicle "Tea time to go" with the pair sipping out of large mugs.

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