Moment suspect behind murder of boy, 2, grabs detective’s gun in interview

This is the chilling moment a man accused of murdering a toddler reached for a policeman’s gun in the interrogation room.

Terrell Rhodes, 27, had just moments before allegedly confessed to punching two-year-old Amari Nicholson to death for wetting himself.

The footage, shown in court, shows Rhodes shrieking: “Let me go. I can’t go back. I can’t go back.”

He is handcuffed to the table by a male officer but then stands on his chair, leans over and grabs the woman’s gun.

Both officers immediately wrestle with the suspect as the man screams: “Gun, gun, gun.”

The woman repeatedly punches him in the head but Rhodes still refuses to give up the weapon.

It is not until another two detectives rush into the room that he is successfully secured.

After being disarmed, Rhodes reportedly said: “I want to die” and “kill me.”

Police say he had, earlier in the interview, told them he hit Amari after the boy wet himself.

The man attempted CPR, but he could see that Amari had died and could not be revived, one detective testified at a grand jury hearing, according to Review Journal.

He had first claimed the boy had been kidnapped from the Emerald Suites apartments in Las Vegas, US, where he lived with his mum, Taylor Nicholson. Rhodes was going out with Taylor at the time of the incident.

But, during the interview, the suspect allegedly changed his tune and even drew a map to lead police to where Amari’s body was.

The body was found on May 12 underneath a wall near an asphalt overhang of a McDonald’s nearby to the apartments.

Rhodes was indicted by a grand jury and faces a charge of murder, two counts of attempted murder, four counts of assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon and four counts of resisting a police officer with the use of a firearm.

He pleaded not guilty and is expected back in court June 25.

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