Monkey kills young baby by throwing it into water tank while parents were asleep

A three-month-old baby has died after being dragged off by a rogue monkey while his family slept at night and thrown into a water tank on their roof.

The shocking incident happened on Saturday night (January 8) in Gadhi Kalanjari in the Baghpat district of India, close to the capital city of Delhi.

Sputnik News Agency reports that the baby’s family searched high and low for baby Prince for hours before making the chilling discovery on the roof of their house.

Prince’s father Keshav said the monkey took him away when he and the rest of his family were sleeping in a room.

After finding his empty cot, Keshav and his family searched for him for hours and eventually made their way up to the roof.

There they found three-month-old Prince floating unconscious in the water tank.

It is believed the monkey had taken him up to the roof and dropped him into it.

He was immediately rushed to hospital in Gadhi Kalanjari where he was tragically pronounced dead by doctors.

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It is the latest troubling incident in India’s long history of grappling with violent monkeys.

Several cities in the country have been battling the primates for years.

Only last year, a gang of rabid monkeys carried out a revenge plot on the city of Maharastra by snatching puppies from locals and throwing them to their deaths from buildings.

The village was left with no dogs remaining when the hostilities broke out after a pack of dogs killed a baby monkey, it was reported.

Clips emerged showing a monkey carrying a puppy towards the edge of a building, and other footage saw a pack of dogs appear to be running after a monkey.

Indian authorities are now exploring options of sterilising the monkeys to bring the numbers down.

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