Monster 13ft great white shark leaps out of water to steal fisherman’s catch

A fisherman has filmed his terrifying close encounter with a great white shark after the huge beast breached the water in front of him and stole his catch.

Josh Lonergan, from Waihi, a coastal town in New Zealand's North Island, was out fishing in the Bay of Plenty and was about to pack up his last reel of the day.

The 21-year-old then felt a strong pull on the fishing rod and realised an apex predator was chasing after his boat.

Video shared by Josh shows the nail-biting moment the beast, approximately four metres long (13ft long), soars out of the water and goes after his catch just 10 feet away from his boat.

The great white shark jumps through the air and snatches Josh's fish in seconds before diving back into the water.

Josh told "I was just gathering heaps of fish to smoke up and then vacuum pack for my party on April 16.

"At around 8pm I was reeling my last trevally and then I felt a powerful tug.

"At first I wasn’t sure if it was a bronze whaler or a white, so I quickly brought in my lines."

Last week, a wildlife photographer in Australia photographed the terrifying scenes a huge crocodile swallowed a baby bull shark just 60ft away from where he was standing.

Mark Ziembicki, from North Queensland, said he first heard a group of locals shouting that there was a shark being eaten by a crocodile.

He added: "We turned to see the shark thrashing away in the crocodile’s mouth.

It spent about 10 minutes with the shark in its jaws, tossing it about.

"The shark gradually moved less until it was eventually swallowed whole headfirst," he continued. "We were completely taken by surprise."

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