Mum and twin teenage daughters ‘locked in flat for months and starved to death’

A mum and her teenage twins were starved to death and locked in a flat for two months, police say.

Vesna Milosevic and her twin daughters Suzana and Tanja, 18, decomposed in the flat, an autopsy showed today.

Neighbours in the social housing complex had reported hearing arguments and suspicious noises coming from Vesna's flat until it suddenly "all went quiet".

The family had moved to Vienna, Austria, from their native Serbia when the twins were just seven months old.

But it's said Vesna, 46, soon discovered her husband had another secret family in the Austrian capital. They divorced around three years ago.

“No one knew he had another family and more children there, he managed to hide it," Vesna's heartbroken dad Stevan Ilic said.

Police and local authorities are investigating the deaths but no arrests have been made as of yet.

Officers found no food in the flat when they made the gruesome discoveries.

Local media reports Vesna convinced her daughters to "give up" on life and allow themselves to starve to death.

But Vesna's family deny these claims.

Mr Stevan Ilic added: “For someone to die in the 21st century from starvation, that is not right.

“A neighbour told us that they saw Vesna with two bags of shopping recently, so the starvation theory does not seem right.”

Stevan's partner and Vesna's devastated mum Danica Ilic said her daughter and grandchildren had been fine since her divorce.

“They were completely healthy and normal children," she said.

Investigations in the city are continuing.

Vienna was voted the world’s most livable city for 10 years running by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

It beat Zurich and Munich in neighbouring Switzerland and Germany respectively in 2019.

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