Mum who drank so much she passed out and suffocated baby will not go to prison

A mum who suffocated her baby after passing out from drinking will not go to prison due to her mental health, a court tribunal has ruled.

Claire Ross, 39, who lost another baby in a similar situation two years ago is understood to have passed out drunk on top of her baby in July 2020.

She was discovered by her six-year-old daughter,who attempted to revive her sister.

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Ross had been facing charges of negligent homicide but was cleared by a tribunal of judges in Nyon, a town in Switzerland.

The Swiss tribunal decided that she wasn’t criminally responsible for what had happened but did say she would need to begin compulsory treatment to help her tackle her addiction,WalesOnlinereports.

Patricia Cornaz, the president of the tribunal, said “borderline traits” and personality disorders left her with no control over her "binge drinking". This conclusion meant she was "released from the sanction of negligent homicide".

Originally from St Helens, Ross moved to Switzerland in 2018 with her eldest child and husband, Ian Ross.

That year, in their apartment in Prangins, tragedy struck the family for the first time, when Ross took her two-month-old to bed after Ross had been drinking heavily, theLiverpool Echoreports.

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When she woke up, she found the baby had died. No clear cause of death could be found by an autopsy by local prosecutors, meaning it could have happened due to natural causes.

In 2020 the family had a third child, a girl, but in July that year tragedy struck again.

Ross had got drunk in the morning and left her six-year-old in front of the TV before taking the newborn to bed. She is understood to have passed out on top of the baby.

The older sister, who heard cries, freed the baby from under her mum but couldn’t wake Ross.

She got a neighbour, who also couldn’t wake Ross, and the baby was rushed to hospital where it was pronounced dead.

Swiss prosecutors ran a post-mortem and launched a criminal investigation into the matter.

Speaking at the hearing in Nyon, Judge Cornaz said: "Given her pathology, it was not possible for her to resist…Her internal conflicts became so unbearable that they had to be evacuated by a practice of binge drinking…She didn't even realise that she was putting her children in danger."

The court ordered that "as long as necessary" must be spent undergoing psychiatric and addiction treatment.

The court heard that Ross has since had a fourth child, although it was taken from her care. She sees the girl in supervised visits.


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