Mystery of US Navy ship that ‘fell of the face of the earth’ in Bermuda Triangle

It has been more than one hundred years since the biggest US Navy ship vanished without a trace, with hundreds of people in tow in the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

But despite it being declared missing over a century ago, its fate remains a mystery to what happened to the USS Cyclops and its crew of 306 people on board.

In March 1918, the gigantic collier disappeared on a voyage between the West Indies to Baltimore, with the ship's last known message being: “Weather Fair, All Well.”

Despite the update, the ship vanished during the nine-day journey without an SOS.

Before this, it had successfully sailed since 1910 and was known for moving coal across the globe and supporting refugees.

But the year before it went missing, America had entered World War One which led to the Cyclops becoming a vital naval asset.

The Cyclops was almost 550ft long and was among more than 100 ships and aircraft that had somehow mysteriously became lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

Throughout the decades, conspiracy theorists have shared their thoughts on what happened to the enormous ship.

Years after the bizarre disappearance, publication Santa Fe Magazine said: “Usually a wooden bucket or a cork life preserver identified as belonging to a lost ship is picked up after a wreck, but not so with the Cyclops.

“She just disappeared as though some gigantic monster of the sea had grabbed her, men and all, and sent her into the depths of the ocean, and the suddenness of her destruction is amplified by the absence of any wireless calls for help being picked up by any ship along the route.”

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Some people thought the ship could have been targeted by a German submarine or raider, but as time went on it became less likely that German crafts had entered the area at all.

While others highlighted that the captain, George W. Worley had previously been deemed as unsuitable to operate the Cyclops, with members of the crew accusing him of being a drunk months earlier.

But the US Navy stood up for the captain and allowed him to return to his command, reports

“The disappearance of this ship has been one of the most baffling mysteries in the annals of the Navy, all attempts to locate her having proved unsuccessful," officials said in a statement about the ship.

Marvin Barrash, who was related to one of the firefighters aboard the ship, dedicated decades to rummaging through potential evidence in a bid to discover who happened, reports the Baltimore Sun.

“The whole existence of the ship has been swept under a rug,” he said. “It wasn’t like it was lost in a glorious battle. It just kind of fell off the face of the Earth.”

After searching desperately through Navy records, ship logs and anything that could come in remotely useful such as bag of manganese ore, the author came up with several theories.

He says it could have fallen victim to mechanical failures, or being handled by a crew who were not used to dealing with new heavy cargo and even wondered whether it had been smacked by a giant rolling wave.

Barrash believes that any of these theories could have accorded with the Cyclops passing through the Puerto Rico Trench which is the deepest part of the Atlantic.

“I want the 309 to be at rest, as well as the families," he added. "It’s something everybody needs: some resolution."

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