Newborn baby ‘rescued in Salisbury train crash wreckage by hero firefighter’

A newborn baby was lifted from the train wreckage after the carriage crashed into another in a tunnel, a witness has said.

Two trains collided in a horror smash in Salisbury on Sunday evening, leaving 17 injured – described as the 'walking wounded'.

Corinna Anderson was caught up in the chaos after one of the trains was thrown from the tracks and derailed.

Thankfully, nobody was killed in the accident, and those wounded were taken to hospital to get treatment for minor injuries.

Corrina described the moment the trains smashed into one another and heard a "masssive rumbling" sound as she felt herself be thrown into the wall from the impact, writes The Mirror.

The 51-year-old told the BBC: "I did hear and see that on the Temple Meads train there was a three-week-old baby that was rescued off the train by the fire service and thankfully she is doing ok.

"As I climbed off my train I saw the fireman cradling the baby in his arms and then I saw the mother get given the baby and they were escorted away for medical attention."

Others described the mayhem that ensued after the crash.

Dimitri Popa, from Romania, was on the train from London to Sherbrone when the horrific crash took place.

The 17 year old said: "It all happened so fast… I was just sitting in the first carriage and there was a huge crash.

"Then I saw the flames and got pretty scared, and all the lights went out.

"The carriage was 45 degrees to the right. "We didn't know where we were or anything… we were all just so shocked."

Sailor Morgan Harris, travelling from London Waterloo back to base in Yeovil, said he was propelled from his seat.

The 20-year-old Able Seaman said: "It was all going along normally then, all of a sudden, there was this massive bang and all of the lights went out.

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"There was sparks and flames from where we had come off the track, and there was a load of ash coming from outside.

"Our train was on its side… I was thrown out of my seat and banged against the table."

The crash involved the Great Western Railway 5.08pm train from Portsmouth Harbour to Bristol Temple Meads, which was struck by the 5.20pm South Western Railway train from London Waterloo to Honiton.

A joint statement from Great Western Railway and Network Rail reads: "All customers and colleagues are accounted for and a number of people have been taken to hospital.

"Our thoughts are with them and we thank them for their patience and understanding this evening."

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