North Korea shows off scary new anti-aircraft missile in ‘warning to Joe Biden’

North Korea has proudly shown off snaps of another dangerous long-range missile following a week of intense military testing by the renegade Asian nation.

The Korean Central News Agency, the official state media service, released images today of a anti-aircraft rocket being fired into the sky from the back of a large vehicle.

It claimed the frightening exercise was a test of the missile's launcher, radar and command battle vehicle, saying:

"The remarkable combat performance of the new-type anti-aircraft missile with features of rapid responsiveness and guidance accuracy of missile control system as well as the substantial increase in the distance of downing air targets has been verified,"

Infamous dictator Kim Jong-Un — who has attracted worldwide attention in recent times for his stunning weight-loss and apparent make-over — did not attend the launch, but his right-hand-man and ruling party member Pak Jong Chon did, according to state media.

The latest munitions stunt comes only days after the isolated country blasted a brand new "new hypersonic weapon" into the ocean, which baffled experts this week due to its major technological differences to weapons previously used by the army.

The isolated country has used mounting tension over its weapons activities to issue warnings to Joe Biden over his offers of peace talks, with Kim Jong-Un calling them a "petty trick" that simply carried on the same "hostile policy" of previous US presidents.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had criticised North Korea's weapons tests, saying they created "greater prospects for instability and insecurity".

However, Kim has also seemed to want to make things up recently with North Korea's neighbours and traditional enemies to the south, stating that he wanted to re-open a hotline between Pyongyang and the South Korean government in Seoul that had been closed down last year.

South Korea's defence ministry said to the AFP that it was not able yet to confirm any of the North's details about today's launch.

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