Okanagan woman out thousands for abandoned kitchen reno

Bev Scott of Kelowna is still steaming about the kitchen renovation job she paid for, but was never completed.

Scott said she paid more than $7,500 to Square One Designs for a new countertop that came in three pieces of quartz instead of one slab.

“They made no attempt to line up the striations or anything. It looked just awful,” Scott said.


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After complaining, Scott says Square One did replace the countertop, but didn’t finish the job of replacing the cabinets.

“These are all the original cabinets, so I got nothing. Nothing,” Scott said.

Scott joins a growing list of residents who have contacted Global News in recent weeks after hiring Tami Weller of Square One Designs Kelowna.

Morgan Oldenburg says he gave Square One more than $5,700 as a deposit for new kitchen cabinets. The job remains incomplete, and he had to hire another company to finish the job.

Kathi and Gordon Kirk are out nearly $8,000 after paying for a new countertop and backsplash that has to be ripped out because of installation flaws.

Bill Baril has been in the kitchen reno business for 13 years.

The owner of Granite Works and Cabinets in West Kelowna says, so far, he’s had to deal with four unhappy Square One customers.

“All similar situations where they just started them (jobs). They’re into the job for about 10 to 15 per cent of the job and not completing anything else,” Baril said.

Meanwhile, Scott figures she’s out more than $7,500, but takes some comfort that she’s not alone.

“In some ways, that made me feel somewhat better, that I wasn’t just this silly woman who had been scammed. That I find out that there were a lot of other people,” said Scott.

“In some ways I feel better that I’m not alone.”

Global News has not been able to reach Tami Weller of Square One for comment.

Square One’s office in Kelowna is closed and their website is down.

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