Pensioner mauled to death by seven dogs as he walked to the shops

A man believed to own seven vicious dogs has been arrested after the pit bull crosses mauled a 71-year-old man to death in a horrific attack.

Samuel Cartwright, 47, had denied that the animals were his, but he’s now behind bars after investigators found that they did belong to him.

Although the dogs that carried out the mauling have been seized, officials in Fresno, Texas, have urged locals to “carry sticks” when they venture out so they can defend themselves against further attacks.

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The dreadful incident saw Freddy Garcia killed as he headed to the shops last Monday (July 18), according to the county sheriff.

Following the fatal attack, Cartwright told the media he didn’t know who owned the dogs and insisted he’d reported them to animal control officers when he saw them on his property.

He told ABC13: “There’s 20 dogs around here right now. If you drive down this back street, there will be 20 loose dogs running around. People just dump them around here. The dogs go wherever they can find food.”

But he was soon nicked and thrown into jail on a charge of “attack by a dog resulting in death”.

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Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan said Freddy had done nothing to provoke the dogs and was simply out on a shopping trip.

He explained: “He was walking down the street. He was not in anyone’s yard. He was walking to the store when he was attacked.

“He had nothing in his hands. The dogs just attacked him for no reason and no provocation whatsoever. It was uncalled for. It was senseless.”

The 71-year-old was airlifted to hospital but medics couldn’t save him.

His granddaughter Ivon Fajardo told KTRK that Freddy was “youthful”, and added: “He was full of life. He liked to dance. He liked to sing. He was really joyful.

“We would get together on the weekend and enjoy each other’s company. Now that he’s not here, it’s not going to be the same.”

Police are investigating another incident that took place nearby on Friday (July 22), although they don’t know if the two attacks are related.

The terrible mauling prompted Kevin Aguilar, of Fort Bend County Animal Services, to say: “Protect yourselves. If you're walking in the streets, carry a stick. We all love dogs. But a lot of them can be dangerous.”


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