Poland in warning over Putin’s ambition ‘We are next in line’

Russia: Pawel Jablonski warns Poland ‘next in line’

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Polish politicians and military chiefs are warning European allies not to ease off support for Ukraine’s determined resistance against Vladimir Putin’s invasion amid concern from the NATO member that the Kremlin may turn on Poland next. Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Pawel Jablonski, sat down with Express.co.uk in Warsaw and delivered a dire warning for Poland and Europe if Russia is allowed to succeed in Ukraine.

Mr Jabłoński told Express.co.uk: “If we will cease to support Ukraine, Russia will win this war, and I think this is quite a simple alternative.

“If we don’t want Russia to be victorious, and we don’t want this because if Russia emerges victorious from this conflict, they will certainly start another they will not stop themselves.

“So we have to help Ukraine stop him, we have to help Ukraine defend itself because Ukraine is defending not just its own territory, not its own independence, its own liberty, but it’s also defending Europe.

“It’s also defending European countries from potentially being invaded by Russia.”

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He continued: “Russia doesn’t hide its intentions, they very openly said that they are using this term of ‘denazification.’ They are accusing Ukraine of being a Nazi simply because Ukraine is a separate nation for the fact that they are a separate nation.

“They are accusing them of being Nazis it’s absurd, if somebody is Nazi if somebody is fascist, it’s Russia.

“Some parliamentary deputies, some members of parliament of Russia, were advocating that Russia should ‘de-nazify’ all the countries including Poland.

“So we know very well that if we won’t help Ukraine to stop Russia, we are next in line.”

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Last week two people were killed when what was reported to be a Russian missile fell within Polish territory near the Ukraine border.

The explosion later emerged to be caused by a stray missile fired by Ukrainian air defence to counter incoming Russian rockets.

Nevertheless, the incident escalated tensions between NATO and Russia with calls in the immediate aftermath for Poland to trigger Article 5. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak responded by stating that the UK was co-ordinating with Nato partners and stands ready to support Poland.

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In his phone call with Polish President Andrzej Duda, Mr Sunak described Poland as a “close ally” and offered condolences over the loss of life.

A Downing Street spokesperson said: “[Rishi Sunak reiterated the UK’s solidarity with Poland as a close ally and expressed condolences for the victims and their families.

“President Duda updated on the Polish investigation efforts, and the prime minister offered any assistance needed to urgently establish what happened.

“The leaders agreed to remain in close contact and continue coordinating with our international partners, including Nato allies, on the next steps.”

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