Police, ambulance in Flaxmere after youth gang stabbing attack and disorder

Sunday morning mayhem in a Hawke’s Bay suburb has sparked a police and ambulance call-out.

A local witness understood a stabbing in Flaxmere near Hastings happened at about 9.30am.

“I think a stabbing happened. The victim is okay,” the witness said.

He said an altercation “between a lot of young people of gang affiliations” happened on Sunday morning.

Police confirmed reports of assault and ongoing disorder were received at 9.35am.

The incident happened near the intersection of Flaxmere Ave and Margate Ave, police said.

It wasn’t immediately clear how seriously injured the alleged victim was.

Police and the ambulance service were sent to the area shortly before 10am.

Last month, six people were arrested and two stabbed when 14 people brawled in Flaxmere.

Six people arrested in that November fight were referred to Youth Aid.

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