Police in riot gear arrest pooping man ‘before he can wipe’ from shop toilet

A viral video shows the moment police donning riot gear arrested a wanted man while he was using the toilet at a 7-Eleven in Colorado, United States.

In a selection of clips, which have garnered more than 15million views, the bloke who posts online as “The insurrectionist” recorded police as they urged him to surrender.

The bloke had been quite literally caught with his pants down as he was sitting on the toilet taking a dump at the time.

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At least four cops were seen standing in the doorway – with one holding a pepper ball gun and others standing behind a riot shield as they told him he was under arrest.

The police ordered him to get off of the toilet and pull his pants up.

To which, the bloke asks: "Can I at least wipe my a**?"

Throughout the series of videos, the man continues to plead with officers to let him wipe before he pulls up his pants but is denied each time.

At one point the man even told the officers he wasn't done yet, adding: “It’s almost there. Hold on, please.”

“I’ve got irritable bowel syndrome, man. I’m not making it up, do you not smell my a**?”

Police then gave the bloke one last chance to comply so he decided to listen to the instructions.

Before the clip ends, he was seen standing up and pulling his pants up, then turning around with his hands above his head.

Captioning the clip, the bloke quipped: “Cops arresting me for blowing up 7/11 ‘no chance to even wipe.'”

However, the bloke has since admitted there was a warrant for his arrest in a follow-up video.

It is not clear what happened to the bloke following the incident, however, viewers flocked to the comments to give their opinions.

One user said: "Bruh! Poor guy got caught off guard!."

Another commented: "This is the most random thing I’ve ever seen this year what did bro do."

A third wrote: "For the love of God, let this man wipe!"

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