Prince Harry ‘snubbed Meghan’ by wearing blue suit for Diana statue unveiling

The colour co-ordination by Prince William and Prince Harry for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue could have been a deliberate tribute to their beloved mum.

Harry normally wears grey, with one commentator suggesting that’s down to the influence of his wife Meghan, but he ditched that and wore navy instead when he joined his brother at the Kensington Palace ceremony.

Royal-watcher Richard Eden told the Palace Confidential podcast that he was surprised the colour co-ordination hadn’t been discussed more widely.

“One thing that no one's really picked up on is the level of co-ordination between the brothers,” Richard said.

“You might have noticed they were both wearing navy suits and Harry has been stuck to his grey suit ever since he met Meghan.

“I think she suggested, 'You look good in grey', and he's always worn it, but on this occasion he wore navy.

“That was Diana's favourite suit for a man – it was navy.”

Harry, 36, made the flying visit back to the UK last week without Meghan or their two children for the ceremony at Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden. The bronze statue was unveiled on the day (July 1) when Diana would have turned 60.

It wasn’t the first time that those closest to her have dressed in tribute to her.

Richard said: “If you look at Prince Charles at her funeral, he didn't wear black; he wore a navy suit and that's because Diana liked him best in navy.

“There was definitely significance in that, I think.”

Pictures of William and Harry at the statue ceremony appeared to show the brothers laughing and relaxed in each other’s company, but experts have claimed that the rift within the Royal Family still remains deep.

Harry didn’t hang around for long afterwards and is now back in the United States, and it is unclear when he will next see his older brother or the rest of his family back in the UK.

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