Putin’s conscripts to take tampons to war to soak up blood from bullet wounds

Russian reservists are being told to take tampons to the frontline to soak up blood from bullet wounds.

Vladimir Putin's conscripts are being ordered to pack tampons in their kit bags when they go to war because of a dire shortage of medical supplies for the army recruits.

A woman officer at an enlistment assembly point has been filmed telling the conscripts that they are to be used to soak up the blood in bullet wounds.

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The woman officer tells the reservists in military fatigues: "Guys, don't laugh."

“Ask your wives, girlfriends, and mothers for feminine pads.

“The cheapest ones.

“Plus the cheapest tampons.

“Do you know what tampons are for?

“You will insert them into bullet wounds and they will swell there.

“Guys, I know that from [the Chechen War] the cheap pads are used in military boots as insoles.

“Pads are necessary, cheap ones."

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“This is first-hand information from the front, from my friend,” the officer explains.

She urges them: “Guys, please take care of yourselves.”

They are also told to source their own sleeping bags and travel mats at their own expense, as well as diarrhoea medicine and tourniquets.

“I don't have tourniquets for all of us,” she says.

“Check your car first aid kit, and take out the tourniquet."


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