‘Racist’, 24, filmed yelling 'get my f***ing bag moron' at bouncer in new video

AN ANGRY drinker accused of racially abusing and spitting at a bouncer has been banned from entering Birmingham.

Sharna Walker, 24, started screaming racist slurs at doorman Tristan Price after he refused her entry to a bar in the city on Saturday evening.

Walker, from Worcester, was denied access to the bar and was seen pushing the bouncer, calling him a “black c***” and a “f***ing n*****” before turning and spitting at him.

Police confirmed Walker had been arrested and bailed, with a ban on entering Birmingham as part of her bail conditions.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: “It’s alleged the 24-year-old, from Worcester, used racist language towards the member of security staff outside the Figure of Eight in Broad Street at some time between 10pm and 11.30pm.

“She’s also accused of racially abusing another man who was stood near the pub entrance and earlier damaging furniture inside the premises. 

“She’s been released with bail conditions, including not to enter Birmingham, while we continue to gather witness evidence before we present a file to the CPS.”

Yesterday we told how new footage captures the moment Walker was booted out of the pub, and begins yelling at the bouncer for her bag.

Her friend can be heard saying “where is your bag”, and appearing to try to calm an irate Walker down.

She then storms back towards the entrance of the Figure of Eight pub shouting “where the f*** is my bag moron, where is my bag.”

Walker then starts screaming at the doorman “get my f***ing bag then, get my f***ing bag.”

The video comes after bouncer Tristan Price said the confrontation affected him more than when someone pulled a knife on him.

Tristan, 26, said he wanted justice to be served over the abuse he received.

He told the Birmingham Mail: "I don't want to bring trouble to her door but this behaviour needs to be called out. It is completely unacceptable.

"People have killed themselves because of the racial abuse they suffer, and we can't be silent about it.

"I have had a knife pulled on me while at work, which was pretty shocking. But this was worse, it affected me more because it was so vicious."

Tristan, who has worked as a doorman for just over a year, said it was "easier" to deal with the earlier incident in which a punter tried to use a knife to attack him after being ejected.

He said: "That went out of my head more quickly to be honest – it felt easier to deal with, the adrenaline kicked in, it was dealt with and then forgotten.

"This was different. It stayed with me, it really affected me in a different way."

"I like to hope that people will not judge me or anyone by the colour of our skin… [it] is just not acceptable.

"I have had incidents but use of racist language has not been a regular occurrence.

"As a black man, and as a doorman, I am conscious there is a stigma about both those things. I feel I have to carry myself calmly because I know actions might be magnified because of the colour of my skin.

"I make sure I carry myself correctly in these types of situation."

Footage of Walker's vile tirade was shared across social media, but her grandmother hit back saying she's not racist.

Speaking at her home in Worcester, gran Pamela Croft, 62, told The Sun Online: "Sharna is definitely not a racist, 100 per cent.  She was just drunk."

Asked if her granddaughter regretted her actions, and if she was sorry, Mrs Croft replied: "Yes."

Wetherspoons has also barred Walker from its pub for life after her disgusting outburst.

A spokesman for the boozer said: “We can confirm the incident took place outside the pub on Saturday night.

“The woman in question had been ejected for her behaviour. She spat her drink towards the member of door staff and also racially abused him.

“She also caused issues as she was leaving. This behaviour is completely unacceptable and the woman is barred for life.

“We will also be pursuing her for criminal damage and passing on the CCTV and bodycam footage to the police.”

The original footage shows brunette Walker arguing with the bouncer while yelling out for one of her friends.

She then lashes out at the security guard, pushing him and calling him a "black c***" in front of shocked onlookers.

She then walks away while calling him a "f***ing n*****" before turning and spitting at him.

West Midlands Police confirmed that a 24-year-old woman who was arrested in connection with the incident has been bailed.

Officers arrested her on suspicion of racially abusing a doorman in Birmingham on Saturday night.

She attended a police station on Monday after being requested to do so by officers.


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