Russians lads flee Mad Vlad call up with £10k flights and borders jammed

Russians are rushing to leave the country as cars queue at borders and flights almost sell out to avoid Mad Vlad’s call-up to arms amid dwindling faith in his war against Ukraine.

Queues stretching for miles built up to enter Finland, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Mongolia in a mass scramble to avoid being sent to the frontline, and one-way plane tickets rocketed in price as thousands frantically rushed to escape.

A seat on a flight from Moscow to Heathrow was listed at £10,051, while a ticket to Istanbul in Turkey was priced at £10,115.

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It follows Vladimir Putin’s chilling TV address threatening a nuclear attack on the West and ordering a partial mobilisation to boost his depleted forces in Ukraine.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said 300,000 reservists from some 25million potential fighters would now be drafted in.

The announcement sparked wide-spread protests across Russia with more than 1,300 demonstrators arrested.

Footage showed police dragging them away kicking and screaming as people took to the streets in 38 cities.

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Russian despot Putin's mobilisation of the civilian population is the first since the Second World War, with panicked Russians joining long queues in the hopes of leaving their homeland behind.

Reports of Putin himself fleeing the Russian capital for the safety of an underground bunker were aired by Daily Star, who reported that the Russian leader has a hidden underground bunker with space for 100,000 people.

Putin will head to the bunker, which is said to be packed full of his family and fellow cronies, should nuclear war break out in Russia.

The despot is set for a trip to an Altai Mountains-based property, where his nuclear bunker is presumed to be located.


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