Seagulls could be advanced alien spies sent to watch humans, UFO expert claims

A UFO expert has made an explosive claim that seagulls could in fact be alien spies that have been sent to Earth to spy on humanity.

Nick Pope, who investigated UFOs for the Ministry of Defence, has urged the public to be distrustful of the flying chip thieves.

He claimed that besides stealing beachgoer's ice creams, they could pose a much more sinister threat by collecting data and evidence for an advanced alien race, Mirror reports.

Nick said that aliens may be using the birds to watch over us and report back the secrets of our civilisation to their mothership in space.

Nick said: "If aliens want to hack into and control a living organism, or construct a drone that's a perfect mimic, it would be best to choose something ordinary and ubiquitous, like a seagull or a housefly.

"Something you wouldn't normally pay much attention to, perhaps.

"But all the time, it would be spying on us, recording everything, and sending information about us back to the alien homeworld.

"So next time you move to swat that fly, watch out – your actions might inadvertently start an interstellar war!"

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The expert added that if aliens were monitoring Earth they'd be doing it "up-close-and-personal" and seagulls would be a way for them to get "crystal clear images and recordings, right under our noses."

Nick continued: "Any civilization capable of getting here from other star systems undoubtedly has technology that would seem like magic to us, and one possibility is that they might be able to implant a living creature with tiny cameras and recording devices, and then control its thoughts to position it anywhere of interest.

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"A related alternative would be to construct drones that are indistinguishable from an animal, a bird or an insect. If that sounds like science fiction, it isn't.

"People have probably seen on the internet some images of insect-like drones that spy agencies allegedly use.

"As ever, if that's the stuff they're showing you, what else have they got that they aren't showing you?

"By way of comparison, aircraft like the stealth fighter and the stealth bomber were flying for years before they were public knowledge."

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