Shocking moment car flips over five times after driver loses control

Shocking moment Fiat 500 flips over five times and flies into the air after driver loses control

  • Horrific footage shows the moment a Fiat 500 flipped over five times in a crash
  • The driver had swerved out of the  way of another car and flew into the air

Shocking footage shows the moment a Fiat 500 flipped over five times and soared through the air after the driver lost control of the vehicle.

Jackson Davis, 20, flipped his car over numerous times and it went several feet in the air after he lost control while trying to avoid a collision with another car.

Both Davis and his passenger, who lost consciousness and woke up while the car was still spinning, escaped serious injury.

Horrific footage of the accident shows the car fly off before crashing to the ground in September last year.

Skipton Magistrates Court heard how emergency services rushed to West Road in Carleton, north Yorkshire following a call to police just before 5pm.

A driver’s dashcam footage captured the moment the car flew off the road in Yorkshire

The Fiat 500 somersaulted several times and sailed through the air after the driver lost control

A witness told the court they believed the Fiat was travelling at ‘some speed’ and had not seemed ‘completely settled’ on the road.

They also described how the car appeared to become ‘airborne’.

Davis, who admitted driving without due care and attention, disputed that he had been travelling at a speed but accepted that he had lost control of the vehicle.

In mitigation, Keith Blackwell said it had been a shocking event but that Davis, of Colne, Lancashire has made a full recovery despite being injured.

Mr Blackwell also said a number of ‘conspiratorial circumstances’ on the day had come together to cause the accident, including the location and nature of the road.

He said: ‘He was driving along the road and there was another vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

‘He took steps not to collide with it.

‘In those particular circumstances, he began to lose control of the car.

Driver Jackson Davis, 20, admitted losing control of the car but denied he had been travelling at a high speed

Both drivers involved in the incident were injured but have since made full recoveries 

‘He went off the road and came to grief at the side of the road.

‘This was not a case of high speed, but he [Davis] does accept he lost control of the vehicle.’

Mr Blackwell also said that Davis, a production planner for an aerospace company, had continued to drive since the incident and had no further incidents.

He said: ‘He deeply regrets what happened, he was injured, but has made a full recovery.’

Davis was given seven penalty points on his driving licence, was fined £384 and will have to pay costs of £85 and a surcharge of £154.

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