Shoppers accidentally order just ONE Brussels Sprout for their Xmas dinners in epic delivery fails

BUNGLING shoppers have been sharing their hilarious delivery fails – including ordering just ONE sprout for their Christmas dinner.

James Murden kick-started the trend on Twitter when he shared a photo of a solitary 3p sprout he ordered from Tesco.

He wrote: "Please note: when ordering sprouts from @Tesco online, quantity 1 does not mean 1 bag of sprouts. It means 1 sprout. Thank you and good night."

The TV presenter later revealed he had a whole bunch of the controversial green veg just in time for his Christmas dinner.

But his original post sparked a hilarious stream of shoppers revealing their own mishaps this year.

One Twitter user shared an image of their single 2p sprout after making the same mistake as James.

They said: "Got my supermarket delivery today. There's going to be a bit of a problem coping with the sprout situation.

One user shared a photo of a haul of carrots after she mixed up her quantities when ordering online.

She wrote: "For me… 3 quantity of single carrots meant 3 bags Rolling on the floor laughing plenty for Rudolph & co haha".

Another user found themselves inundated with carrots when they landed themselves with 6kg rather than just the six they were after.

Some users also shared their previous gaffes throughout the year – including a number of users who struggled with bananas.

One woman said: "Had the opposite problem with 8 bags of bananas a few weeks ago. My daughter had a great time handing out bananas to kids in the playground!"

While another said: "Earlier this year the 6 bananas I *thought* I ordered turned out to be 6 bunches of bananas.

"Full credit to the @Tesco delivery driver who kept a straight face when asking whether I meant to order that many as I unpacked all 43 of them"

And one user told how her mum accidentally ordered two huge packs of toilet paper during the shortage in March.

She wrote: "Just prior to lockdown in March amidst the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, my mum ordered 2 toilet rolls online. She was mortified when these were delivered fearing riots at her house."

It comes as baffled shoppers revealed the bizarre food substitutes they have received this year in place of their Christmas dinner.

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