Skiers doused by freezing water while traveling down ski-lift

‘Chilling’ video captures skiers on lift at North Carolina mountain resort getting doused by geyser of freezing water after hydrant is knocked over and erupts

  • A water hydrant erupted at Beech Mountain in North Carolina on Friday 
  • One unlucky skier got stuck in the spray after employees managed to stop the ski-lift from moving
  • The skier appeared to be half-dangling off the chair after getting blasted by geyser of freezing water 
  • Two people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries  

Unsuspecting skiers taking the chair-lift at a North Carolina mountain resort received the coldest of showers after another skier bowled over a buried water hydrant, shooting a geyser of freezing water more than 50 feet into the air. 

A harrowing video captured one skier at Beech Mountain ski resort getting battered by the powerful blast of frigid water for nearly a minute on Friday. The nonstop spray buffeted the suspended skier and the person was seen dangling from the chair-lift before finally getting to safety. 

The incident started after a skier knocked over a hydrant used for snow-making near the chair-lift, officials at the resort said.

Temperatures were already below freezing when the hydrant erupted, leaving those soaked to face dangerous conditions. Two people were removed from the mountain and taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, authorities reported.  

A skier got stuck in the middle of a geyser-like spray after someone hit a water hydrant the was buried under snow on Beech Mountain in North Carolina

The skier spent a least a minute in the spray before the ski lift was moved to get him out of the water. He appeared to be dangling from the chair after getting away from the spray

The powerful geyser struck the skier full on with a powerful force 

One person had made it through the eruption – albeit with difficulty – but the other skier got the full force of the blast when the lift was stopped. 

The skier struggled under the force of the water pressure, at one point even holding onto the pole attaching the chair to the lift and dangling from the chair. 

The lift finally began moving again, enough for the skier to clear the geyser, with the exhausted and wet skier appearing to lay down across the chair. 

The geyser erupted for several minutes before employees were able to cut off the water supply. The resort reported it evacuated the lift and drained the water system afterward. 

It is unknown which trail or ski lift the hydrant was under, but only half of the trails were open at the mountain, located in the western part of the state. 

‘Our operations and safety team worked diligently to unload the lift and drain the system safely,’ the Beech Mountain Resort said in a statement. 

The resort did resume normal operations later on. contacted the resort for more information. 

Beech Mountain is a family-oriented resort in the state’s picturesque Appalachian Mountains with activities that include ice skating, tubing, snowboarding and skiing. 

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