Southern Albertans enjoy campfires ahead of hotter weather

As many southern Albertan families take full advantage of this camping season, they are also paying close attention to one factor that could significantly impact their outdoor vacation.

“Campfires are the highlight of camping,” Aaron Gronenboom said. “Just being able to spend time outside with the wife and kid and being able to socialize around the fire.”

Avid campers know that not having a fire can really dampen the experience.

“I won’t go out if I can’t have a fire.

“There’s no point in going out if you can’t have a fire. Last year we didn’t get out because there was a bunch of fire bans… so we didn’t camp,” said Taura Truba.

Wondering how this season is shaping up so far?

“There’s no restrictions or bans on currently,” said Coaldale Deputy Fire Chief Clayton Rutberg.

That goes for the entire province. In southern Alberta, Mother Nature is playing a hand with more precipitation.

“Right now things are still fairly green, we’ve had some moisture off and on over the last little bit… so right now things are fairly good.

“With that being said, things can change quite drastically if we get a long stretch of warm weather,” added Rutberg.

Environment Canada is forecasting temperatures to hit the low 30 Cs by next week. It’s a weather change many fire stations will closely monitor.

“We keep an eye on the weather. We also keep an eye on some of the fuels that are out there that might burn grasses… to see how flammable it’s going to be… to make an educated decision if there needs to be a restriction or ban put on,” said Rutberg.

With summer far from over, fire officials are still encouraging campers to be cautious when having a fire at their site.

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