Spanish mother forces her 11-month-old baby to smoke a cigarette

Spanish mother claims she forced her 11-month-old baby to smoke a cigarette because she ‘thought it would put him off’ after he started reaching for his father’s tobacco

  • Mother forces 11-month-old baby to smoke a cigarette at their home in Madrid
  • She thought it would make her son ‘find it disgusting’ and ‘put him off’
  • Shocking footage shows the child appear to suck on the lit cigarette twice before bursting into tears 

A mother forced her 11-month-old baby to smoke a cigarette because she thought it would ‘make him find it disgusting’. 

Shocking footage, posted on Instagram, shows the infant being handed a lit cigarette that is placed in his mouth twice before he bursts into tears.

The woman gave her son the cancer-causing object in their Madrid home. 

Disturbing footage shows the baby holding the cigarette in its mouth and saying thank you in Spanish, before appearing to take a puff.

Then, when it tries to handle the cancer-causing object, it drops it and spills ash down its front.

The child then seems to burst into tears as the video is cut off.

In the shocking footage, the mother hands the baby the cigarette who appears to suck on it

Its father is also heard in the background as the child drops its cigarette. 

Following backlash online, the mother told local media: ‘I thought that putting it in his mouth would make him find it disgusting… I was wrong and I’m super sorry. 

‘My son always reaches for tobacco, if he sees the father smoking he wants the cigarette as if it were food. 

She tries to make the baby take a drag, but the small child knocks it out of his mouth with his hands and begins to cry

‘I want to apologise for uploading a video of my baby with a cigarette in his mouth, it’s not funny and I’m very sorry.’

It is not known if this will be subject to an investigation from authorities.

The video was filmed on Wednesday last week.

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