Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio lead Republican senators blasting ‘vindictive’ second Trump impeachment

TED Cruz and Marco Rubio lead the Republican senators blasting the "vindictive" second impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

Senators Ted Cruz, 50, Marco Rubio, 49, and Lindsey Graham, 65, all appeared on Fox News on Tuesday proclaiming that it was wrong to go ahead with the impeachment.

Sen Rand Paul, 58, spoke with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo following his three colleagues.

Rubio dubbed the second impeachment as a "clown show," a "joke," and a "waste of time that is going to hurt America."

In his eyes, putting Trump in an unfavorable position after his presidency was "typical in the third world."

His comments come as Republican senators have left the charge of inciting an insurrection "dead on arrival."

Only five members of Trump's party on Tuesday voted to go forward with the impeachment trial over his alleged role in inciting the Capitol siege on January 6.

Trump was formally impeached for a second time after congressmen debated his impeachment on January 13.

Rubio told Fox News' Neil Cavuto on Tuesday night that it was a "stupid" waste of time arguing that it was damaging America.

"It's not even constitutional. Logic tells you that," he told Cavuto.

"The automatic consequence of impeachment and trial, if you're convicted, the automatic consequence is you're removed from office. That's the consequence.

"You can't remove Donald Trump from office. He's not in office."

Senators narrowly halted a Republican effort to dismiss the impeachment charge in a 55 to 45 vote on Tuesday,

But the Constitution requires a two-thirds vote of the 100-member Senate to convict – meaning it looks highly unlikely that Trump will be impeached once the trial concludes.

The impeachment hearings are scheduled to begin on February 8.

Many Republican senators have challenged the legitimacy of the trial and questioned whether Trump's repeated demands to overturn Joe Biden’s election really constitute an “incitement of insurrection."

Speaking to Sean Hannity on Tuesday, Cruz said that the impeachment was "driven by the partisan rage and the partisan anger that the Democrats feel."

Cruz said: "Unfortunately the Congressional Democrats were not listening to a word he said.

"And the very first step that they took is to charge down the road of a partisan and divisive and angry impeachment trial.

"And this is not driven by the needs of the country. This is driven by the partisan rage and the partisan anger that the Democrats feel.

"They hate Donald Trump and they are engaging in on an act that I think is petty, I think it is retribution, and that it is vindictive and a waste of time and so I think it's time to move on."

Meanwhile, Graham, 65, said the impeachment had been rushed through in the House without witnesses and is a "danger to the democracy and the presidency itself."

He said: "The President of the United States was impeached in 50 hours without one witness being called and he didn't have a lawyer. 

The 65-year-old US Senator also slammed Biden as a "huge disappointment" as a Trump impeachment contradicts the new president's call for unity.

Graham added: "It tells you a lot about Biden's ability and desire to bring us together by the fact that he's sitting on the sidelines and his only comment has been, 'I don't think they have the votes."

Insisting that the impeachment was rushed, Graham explained: "The President of the United States was impeached in 50 hours without one witness being called and he didn't have a lawyer. 

"We need to make sure this thing never goes anywhere … because I don't want to legitimize the impeachment process used in the House."

Speaking to Bartiromo, Paul dubbed the impeachment as a "partisan game."

He blasted the Dems for wanting to say Trump "incited violence because he said go fight for your country, and he said march peacefully and patriotically."

"One of Bernie Sanders’ supporters came to the ball field, nearly killed Steve Scalise," Paul added. "But nobody talked about impeaching Bernie Sanders." 

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