Terrified girl comforted by neighbours through doorbell cam after seeing bobcat

A terrified girl who encountered a bobcat has been filmed getting comforted by her neighbour through their doorbell camera in an incredible video.

The seven-year-old, known as Taylor, brought her bike over to her friend and her mum Nicole's house and asked to enter shortly after she spotted the big cat in the neighbourhood in Arizona, US.

Nicole and her family were not in but used the doorbell camera to speak to Taylor as they headed back.

Taylor, wearing a pink helmet, is seen crying while waiting for the mum to pick up the call through the camera.

She knocks on the door and looks back to check if she has returned home.

Nicole's daughter thought her friend Lauren had come over and said: "Hi Lauren, I am on my way home now. I will be out soon, okay?"

But Taylor quickly corrects her, saying: "No, please come open the door.

"There's a bobcat and I want to come in! Please."

Nicole then tells her daughter to ask Taylor that they will be home in one minute.

Taylor asks again: "Is there anyone at home?"

The neighbour comforts her saying that they are pulling up soon and will be with her shortly. Nicole also asks her to stay at the porch so that she can see her on camera.

"Okay, I really want to come in because, my mum, I don't know where my mom is," Taylor explains.

"I think my mum is back home and I saw it … I want my mummy."

In the car, Nicole asks her daughter to keep talking to Taylor while they make their way back home from a nearby supermarket.

Taylor is heard asking the woman to call her mum as she waits at the front door.

Nicole replies: "Yes, I will definitely do that. As soon as I get you in my house safe.

"I will call your mom. I'm almost there, I'm right by the park. I'm almost there."

The clip ends with Nicole's white pickup truck parking at the end of the house's driveway.

Bobcats usually shy away from cities and are not commonly dangerous to humans. But their size alone would make a sighting quite stressful for anyone, and the animals can become aggressive if infected with rabies.

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