The type of coffee you drink could show how healthy your heart is

YOUR favoured type of coffee is genetically fixed to reflect your heart’s health, researchers say.

Those naturally prone to cardio problems are instinctively drawn to smaller, weaker drinks.

But those on black coffee and espresso usually have better blood pressure.

Researchers say it shows our choices are wired into our DNA.

Professor Elina Hypponen said: “Genetics are guiding our decisions to protect our cardio health.

“If your body is telling you not to drink that extra cup of coffee, there’s likely a reason why. Listen to your body. It’s more in tune with your health than you may think.”

The findings are from a study of 390,000 people by the University of South Australia.

Those opting for milky lattes and cappuccinos were found to be less tolerant to caffeine and may have weaker hearts.

People who prefer decaf or hate coffee were more likely to have high blood pressure, angina and heart arrhythmia.

Caffeine can make you feel more alert but side-effects include insomnia and anxiety.

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