Tiger chases after motorcycle in a scary video

A viral video posted to Facebook shows a wild tiger chasing after a motorcycle in India.

In the short clip, shared by the Forests and Wildlife Protection Society, the tiger runs out of the forest and briefly chases the motorcycle as it barrels down the road before re-entering the trees.

“A Tiger is seen chasing a bike in Muthanga Wildlife Safari in Wayanad in Kerala,” the FAWPS captioned the video. “Is this how the Tiger Parks are managed in India?”

In the clip, the human driver and passenger can be heard sounding quite scared of the big cat as it gets particularly close.

The two work for the Forest Department and were on patrol after a tiger sighting. It’s safe to assume a tiger was sighted.

A commenter on Facebook said the situation was rare and not normal tiger behavior.

“I regularly travel through this forest dreaming of spotting [a tiger]. You have to be extremely lucky to even see one,” they wrote. “This is just an exception from a behavior point of view, just as humans are not the same. Just enjoy the video, Thank the stars that those two were not killed.”

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