Tokyo Olympics Covid scare as first case recorded – Panic as games just days away

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The infected person was involved in organising the event and remains unidentified. The news comes after athletes had just started to arrive for the competition that will start on July 23. Organisers have promised the games will be “safe and secure”. This is the first identified case so far and adds to concerns about the Summer Olympics becoming a super spreader event.

Masa Takaya, a spokesperson for the Tokyo organising committee, said: “There was one person in the Village.

“That was the very first case in the Village that was reported during the screening test.

“Right now this person is confined to a hotel.”

Toshiro Muto, Tokyo 2020 CEO, confirmed that the individual involved is a non-resident of Japan and is self-isolating.

Seiko Hashimoto, the chief organiser of the games, added: “We are doing everything to prevent any Covid outbreaks.

“If we end up with an outbreak we will make sure we have a plan in place to respond.”

She continued: “Athletes who are coming to Japan are probably very worried. I understand that.

“That is the reason why we need to make full disclosure.”

It is not known whether the affected person had been vaccinated.

Competitors will be tested every day during the summer games.

Mr Muto said: “If someone tests positive, that person will be isolated immediately whether there are any close contacts or not.”

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