Trump aide Larry Kudlow caught on hot mic calling 'bulls**t' on claim Biden had to 'start from scratch' with vaccine

DONALD Trump's former aide Larry Kudlow has been caught on a hot mic calling "bulls**t" on claims that Joe Biden had to "start from scratch" with the vaccine rollout.

Kudlow made the comments while appearing on Fox News yesterday.

During his appearance, footage was shown of Vice President Kamala Harris speaking with Axios, claiming that the Biden administration had to "start from scratch" in administering vaccines across the US.

Harris said: "There was no national strategy or plan for vaccinations.

"We were leaving it to the states and the local leaders to try and figure it out.

"In many ways, we are starting from scratch on something that has been raging for almost an entire year."

Kudrow, who was not on screen but was still wearing a microphone, could be heard yelling "bulls**t" three times during the segment.

Host Sandra Smith commented on Kudrow's outburst, saying: "That is Larry Kudlow weighing in… wow".

Kudlow was a member of Trump's Covid-19 taskforce "Operation Warp Speed".

Later on Tuesday, Kudlow appeared on Fox Business and explained his comments, saying he felt "burned up".

"Earlier on Fox News Channel, I made some comments about that clip, you might have read about it, if not you could Google it," he said.

"I may have said a bad word. I’m not usually a guy who swears but what the Vice President said burned me up and it’s simply not true.

"It is somewhere between cognitive dissonance and an outright falsehood lie.

"I did use cuss words and I apologize and I won't do that again."


He conceded that "not everything went perfectly" with the vaccine rollout during the Trump administration but still called Operation Warp Speed a "triumph".

White House chief medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci had previously rejected claims that the Biden administration was "starting from scratch", but later reversed that opinion.

Regarding Vice President Harris's comments on the rollout, Dr Fauci told CNN: "What I think the Vice President is referring to is, the actual plan of getting the vaccine doses into people's arms was really rather vague.

"I mean, it was not a well-coordinated plan.

"Getting [the] vaccines made, getting them shipped through Operation Warp Speed was OK, but I believe what the vice president is referring to is, 'What is the process of actually getting these doses into people?'

"That's something we had to get much better organized, with getting the community vaccine centers, getting the pharmacies involved, getting mobile units involved. So that's what I believe she was referring to."

However, on January 21, Fauci said the new administration wasn't starting from scratch.

He said during a White House press briefing at the time: "We certainly are not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution."

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