Tube map shows cheapest pint of beer near every London station

Tipplers’ tube map: Plan shows cheapest pint of beer near every London underground station from £1.89 in Fulham Broadway to £5.55 at Westbourne Park

  • New map details the best tube stops to get off at to bag a bargain pint of beer across London’s tube zones
  • Pubs in Fairlop and Fulham Broadway came in at the at the cheapest places offering punters a £1.89 pint
  • The most expensive pint was in Westbourne Park at the Union Tavern which came in at £5.55 for a Frontier 

An amazing new London tube map has revealed the cheapest places in the capital to get a pint of beer near every tube station.

Whether your tipple is a Bud Light, a Guinness or even a tasty pint of craft beer, the ingenious map helps you get the most out of your money when drinking in the capital.

The map was created by beer-loving data whizz Adam Stead and details what brands of beer are cheapest and where to find a bargain.

When it comes to the cheapest pint on the map you will have to venture as far as Fairlop to the New Fairlop Oak which offers a pint of Fozel Bitter for just £1.89.

For those who live on the other side of the capital, The Oyster Rooms in Fulham Broadway also offer a £1.89 pint for a Greene King Ruddles Best.

The New Fairlop Oak In Fairlop, East London (pictured above) offers a £1.89 pint – however it is a Wetherpoon’s 

The Oyster Rooms in Fulham Broadway is one of the cheapest pubs on the map, selling a bargain pint for just £1.89

It was however noted that the New Fairlop Oak is part of the Wetherspoon’s chain and may have such a cheap pint due to various beer offers and promotions in place at the time.

Data was also compiled on the most popular pint as well as the average price of the cheapest pint on each tube line. Mr Stead created the data set for StoreKit which is a hardware distributor.

Zone 4 was proven to be the cheapest for a pint from the analysis which looked at 263 pubs and 270 tube stops.

This is while the most expensive pub on the tube line in the Union Tavern near Westbourne Park in West London.

You’ll have to fork out over a fiver to bag a beer there, as pint of Fullers’ Frontier costs £5.55, with the most popular pint in the pub being Beavertown’s Neck Oil for £5.80.

However, this does not make the Union Tavern the most expensive pub in London, it is just the most expensive pub to be near a tube line.

It was found the a pint of Neck Oil would set you back a massive £6.40 at the The Hoop & Toy in South Kensington, considerably more expensive than the Union Tavern.

From the data compiled by Mr Stead, he was able to come up with two pubs with the cheapest pints which he believed to be independent.

One was the Coach and Horses in Hounslow which offered a £2 pint, followed by the Salmon & Ball in Bethnal Green which also offers a £2 pint of Best Bitter between 10am and 3pm on weekdays.

When it comes to the methodology, Mr Stead said: ‘I sat and looked up the closest pub to the tube for every tube stop in London using Google Maps. 

‘Then I called that pub, and asked them what their cheapest pint was, what their most popular pint was, and how much they cost. The ‘popular’ pint judgement was just that – a reflection of the bar staff opinion, where access to reliable data was not possible.’

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