UK ‘turns brown’ in new NASA images as forecasters say when heatwave will return

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Britain is so dry after the recent heatwave it appears to have completely changed colour in a brand new NASA image — and weather forecasters say another one could be on the way.

Despite being known as the 'green and pleasant land', the rolling hills of England and neighbouring home nations appear an uncharacteristic light shade of brown in a satellite photograph released by the space agency.

It comes after the UK saw a new record temperatures of 40.3C in Coningsby, eastern England last Tuesday (July 19), beating the previous high of 38.7C set in 2019.

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While things have cooled down somewhat this week, weather forecasters are now tipping temperatures to return to near these highs start of next month.

It's thanks to La Nina, a recurring high-pressure system which occasionally brings warm air up to the British Isles.

British Weather Services meterologist, Jim Dale, said: “La Nina continues to carry on, and it might even strengthen.

“While it is always difficult to predict the precise effects on our weather, it may act to bring the Azores High back into the south of the UK. We are not talking in the immediate future, but in the longer term.”

Stretching from the Atlantic Azores, the enormous high-pressure system was the primer for the shockingly high temperatures that smashed British records in 2022.

This event was something of a perfect storm though because while it often simply causes blue skies and pleasant sunshine, this time it combined with a low-pressure system from Portugal which pulled hot air up from Africa.

The co-editor of the Royal Meteorological Society’s “Weather” journal took to Twitter to say: “40C in the UK once again appearing in more than one GEFS [forecasting system] forecast for early August.

“Recall this is not something which had been seen in medium-range forecasts until June 30 this year. But it is possible that this model's hot and dry bias is exaggerating the true potential.”


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