UK weather forecast: Nation to sizzle in SHOCK blistering conditions in ‘heat of the day’

Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst described the next few days as seeing a general outbreak of sunshine across the UK, but this will not last as a low-pressure front is soon to replace the heatwave bringing with it overcast skies and rainfall later in the week. He said: “Tuesday morning should see a bright start out there, with plenty of sunshine to start the day.” Mr Dewhurst went on to say that showers will develop for some, but it will be a warm day overall with temperatures above average in the south and east.

Mr Dewhurst added: “There will be bright skies over parts of Scotland and a few showers around the north and the west and that cloud and showery rain also is a feature first thing across Northern Ireland and parts of Wales.

“England will see plenty of blue skies and early mist and fog patches will very quickly clear to leave a lovely sunny morning with plenty of blue skies around.

“There will be thicker cloud across parts of Wales and into the afternoon the weather should start to lift and break to allow some sunshine.”

The weather forecaster reported that in the heat of the day some showers may develop, particularly across parts of the Midlands and up into the east and Scotland.

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Mr Dewhurst added: “There could be a rumble of thunder across Northern Ireland and western Scotland, seeing a scattering of showers and temperatures hitting 23 to 24 Celsius (75F) in the sunshine.

“In the southeast of England temperatures will rise to 26 or 27 Celsius (80F) on Tuesday.

“The showers will slowly fade away leaving clear skies as we head through into the early hours of Wednesday.

“As we move through the week high pressure is going to move away into the near continent and we’re going to see low pressure replacing it.

“The low pressure will bring thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain and stronger winds.”

Mr Dewhurst added: “Sunshine will become increasingly hazy across the west, grey skies for Scotland and Northern Ireland and a greater chance of outbreaks of rain on Wednesday.

“Through Wednesday night we will see much more substantial rain developing.

“Maybe the northern half of the country and the south will remain a little bit parched with one or two showers as we head into Thursday.”

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