Ukraine LIVE: Russia threatens to bomb Britain in ‘immediate’ and ‘high-precision’ attack

James Heappey defends sending money to Ukraine on GB News

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The Kremlin warned that its armed forces are “ready to carry out the strike with high-precision”, warning it could target British diplomats returning to Kyiv.

Russia’s defence ministry added: “The presence of advisers from one Western country who are stationed at the centres of decision-making in Kyiv will not necessarily be a problem if Russia decided to respond”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was “all in favour” of ministers heading to the British embassy in Kyiv after announcing it would reopen.

It comes as Russia cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria over the country’s refusal to pay for deliveries in roubles.


Mariupol ‘free falling bombs’ are risking civilian causalities

Russia has “failed” to destroy the Ukrainian air force, the UK defence ministry has claimed. 

In its latest update, the ministry said Ukraine continued to “hold Russian air assets at risk”. 

Russian air activity is “primarily focused on southern and eastern” Ukraine after Russia withdraw from areas surrounding Kyiv in recent weeks. 

The update added: “Russia has very limited air access o the north and west of Ukraine, limiting offensive actions to deep strikes with stand-off weapons. 

“Russia continues to target Ukrainian military assets and logistics infrastructure across the country”. 

The ministry said air strikes in Mariupol are likely “unguided free-falling bombs” which reduce Russia’s ability to “effectively discriminate when conducting strikes” and risk civilian casualties.

Russian arms depot rocket by explosions

A Russian arms storage depot has been rocked by an explosion after a suspected Ukrainian strike.

The ammunition hub in the Belgorod region can be seen on fire amid reports of further attacks in the regions of the Voronezh and Kursk.

Ukraine has not confirmed the strikes- but a video appears to show anti-air missiles being fired in the area.

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