Ukrainian drone drops grenades on Russians troops looting bicycle and sofa

Incredible war zone footage has captured the moment a Ukrainian drone drops grenades on Russians who were looting a bicycle and sofa from a house on the frontline.

The clip shows scenes from directly below the camera fixed to the drone and details a gaggle of Russian troops – identifiable by the 'Z' on their uniforms – buzzing round a building and loading a truck with a bike and sofa.

Then, an explosive hurtles to the ground with the birds eye view camera picking up the moment it explodes, causing panic amongst the looters.

In another scene the truck appears to making off down the road before the clip cuts to one of a few soldiers running away as the drone pursues them overhead.

Again, the aircraft drops explosives, appearing to injure two of Vladimir Putin's soldiers as the third runs off without them, leaving them on the floor writhing in agony.

He then appears to come back and drag one fallen soldier off the road as the other gets to his feet and stumbles around.

"Putin unleashes his army of poor Russians on their democratic neighbor to steal bicycles, get their asses kicked constantly, and rape innocent civilians," one Reddit commenter said in response to the video.

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"Telling them to get On Yer Bike…" said another.

Just a few days ago, another dramatic drone video was shared on Telegram and showed Russians being mercilessly attacked by Ukrainian troops in the south-east of Ukraine.

The drone operator was closely monitoring a small group of Russian infantry as they dropped ammunitions on top of them.

At least two soldiers were injured as the group made their way to their a vehicle.

As they got into the SUV, the Ukrainian drone operator dropped a mortar on top of them.

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