Ukrainian fighters share graphic video of pigs eating dead Russian captain

Ukrainian soldiers fighting against Vladimir Putin's invading forces have shared a gruesome video of pigs gorging on what is allegedly a dead Russian Army captain.

The clip was shared on the infamous Cargo 200 Telegram Channel this morning (Thursday, September 29), where Ukrainians routinely post gory images of Russian invaders to strike fear into their enemies' hearts.

This latest upload, titled: "Pigs eat the Russian captain", is 14 seconds long.

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In it, six animals can be seen standing over what appears to be a corpse. Four of them are hard at work munching through it.

The person filming slowly walks around the horrifying scene, commentating on it as he does so. He can be heard identifying the corpse as a captain.

Among the other disturbing posts on Cargo 200 are several pictures of Russian soldiers blown to pieces and others of decaying skeletons.

They are captioned: "This is what the cadre Russian army looks like. [This is] how the mobilised will look."

The post is in reference to the 300,000 reservists that Putin conscripted to join the war effort in a monumental address last week.

In another warning post to those new conscripts, Cargo 200 has also shared a close up video of two dead bodies, again supposedly Russian soldiers.

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"Good evening. But not everyone. Only death for the Russian military on the territory of Ukraine," was the caption.

Another image showed :a dead Russian cover in mud. The message was: "Medicinal mud for Russian women. Do you think they will help?

"Russian meat is quickly running out. They will drive everyone to slaughter."


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