Ukrainian sniper hailed ‘hero’ after eliminating family member of ‘FSB thug’

The father-in-law of the man responsible for the Russian invasion into Donbas in 2014 has been killed in Ukraine by a "hero" sniper.

's son-in-law is Igor Strelkov, a KGB agent was charged by Ukrainian authorities with terrorism after the annexation of Crimea and Donbas.

And now his father-in-law, who was fighting for Russia against Ukraine, was killed by a sniper this week.

Prominent Ukrainian journalist Illia Ponomarenko tweeted: “Remember Igor Strelkov, that FSB thug who incited the war in Donbas in Slovyansk?

“Up to this day this fringe is dreaming of eliminating Ukraine as a nation.

“His father-in-law Sergey Sitolenko was killed today by a Ukrainian marksman in Avdiivka.”

Although he didn't hold any high ranking roles in the Russian army, One Russian propaganda website called the man a “hero”.

They also claim he goes by the name Sergeant Sitolenko Sergey Gennadievich.

In broken English, it also has a statement from Mr Strelkov's wife, Miroslava.

It reads: “Today, three hours ago, my father died from a sniper’s bullet near Avdeevka at the front.

“Sergeant Sitolenko, who fought from the summer of '14 and served in the 3rd battalion of the 3rd brigade of the NM DPR.

“For all eight years of the war – he did not have a single scratch, and now – they did not even take him to the medical unit.

“I wanted to be buried in my native Artyom (Verkhnetoretsky), which, only today, was finally released.

“Just three hours ago, together with the commander, he received a humanitarian aid in Makiivka, spoke with him for a long time on the phone, sent these photographs.

“Dad, rest in peace – victory will be ours.”

News of the death prompted semi-sarcastic thoughts about his son-in-law.

One user wrote: “I hear Igor is not doing emotionally well because of Russia's difficulties in Ukraine. Would be nice to see him on trial for war crimes.”

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