UK’s fattest man once lifted from flat by crane wants gastric band for Christmas

Britain's fattest bloke, who weighs a shocking 45 stone and once had to be hoisted from his flat by a crane, wants a gastric bypass for Christmas after piling on the pounds during the pandemic.

Morbidly obese Jason Holton, 31, from Camberley, Surrey, wants the surgical weight-loss procedure after falling off the wagon during 2020, thwarting his previous weight loss efforts.

While many of us stacked on the Covid-chunk last year, Jason recently put on five stone despite having earlier lost 10 stone during a hospital stay after he was lifted out of his third-floor flat by a crane in October last year, reports The Sun.

At the time his weight had ballooned to a whopping 50 stone and he had been housebound for five years.

Jason used to spend £30 a day on JustEat takeaways, regularly scoffing down kebabs, chicken chow mein and chips, as well as guzzling 1.5 litres of orange juice and five cans of diet coke daily, regularly consuming around 10,000 calories.

He would regularly consume 10,000 calories a day and spend £10k a year on takeaway, the Daily Star has previously reported.

The big lad now lives in a £400k custom-build bungalow that comes with a special £3,000 toilet with an in-built bidet.

Jason, who says he is addicted to junk food, puts the weight gain down to returning to bad habits after being released from hospital.

Speaking to The Sun, Jason said: “I’ve given up on myself, to be honest.

“To lose weight I’d have to go on a low-calorie crash diet, like 600 or 800 calories a day, which I’m not capable of because I’m too addicted to food and I’ve got nothing else to do.

“If I try to walk there’s so much strain on my head, from carrying so much weight, it’s like I’ve been upside down on a rollercoaster — it’s dangerous.

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"I go to the kitchen and bathroom now and again but that’s the only movement I do.

"I never go outside, not even to the garden, and I probably take about 25 steps a day.

“The best present I can hope for this Christmas is a gastric bypass, finally. I’ve been told I’m eligible and am on a waiting list and that’s the only thing that might help sort me out.”

A gastric bypass is where surgical staples are used to create a pouch at the top of the stomach, effectively making it smaller so it takes less food to make you feel full and you as as result you consume less calories.

While The Mirror reports Jason took the title of UK's fattest man after Barry Austin, a Birmingham cabbie, died in January this year when he was only 52 year-old and weighed a whopping 65 stone, Mail Online reports Jason became Britain’s fattest man after Kent man Carl Thompson died in 2015, also weighing 65 stone.

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