Video: Boy surfs on a bus in Birmingham

Moment boy clings to the back of a moving double-decker BUS as it drivers at 30mph along city street

  • The young boy was filmed standing on the bumper of the bus in Birmingham 
  • The footage shows the bus driving along the road at speeds of up to 30mph
  • A boy turned and smiled at a car passenger filming the shocking incident  

Shocking footage shows the moment a reckless young prankster risked his life by clinging to the back of a moving bus as it travelled along a busy city road.

The boy, who appears to be a young teenager, was captured holding onto the back of the X14 National Express West Midlands vehicle as it went along at 30mph in Birmingham.

He even smiles for the camera while precariously balancing on the bumper as a passing vehicle overtakes the bus on Thursday afternoon.

This is the moment a boy was filmed surfing on the back of a bus in Birmingham

The youngster stood on the rear bumper as the bus travelled at speeds of up to 30mph

The 16-second clip was uploaded to the website Birmz is Grime where many web users slammed his dangerous actions.

Laura Shotton said: ‘Its all fun and games until he hits a speed bump and comes flying off. What a complete moron.’

Barry Fearn added: ‘This is stupid on another level, all it needs is one wrong turn and he comes off and goes beneath the wheels of a car behind.’

Carl Richards said: ‘Eat your heart out Marty McFly, all that is missing is the skateboard. Still a very daft thing to be doing.’

Tim Vincent wrote: ‘Breathtaking stupidity, have these lads got nothing better to do with their time.’

Lance Crawshaw wrote: ‘Practising for the Darwin Award. Eventually he will get it right and harm himself. Hopefully no innocents get hurt in his endeavours.’

Graham Tarry commented: ‘We’ve all done naughty and dangerous things as a youngster – but this is taking it a step too far. Lucky not to have killed.’

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