Video released in case of meth-exposed kitten found zipped in shaving kit and dumped in trash

Victoria police have released surveillance footage of a person of interest in the case of a kitten that was found zipped into a shaving kit and dumped in the trash.

Further testing by veterinarians with Victoria Animal Control determined the six-to-seven week old kitten had methamphetamine in its system.

The cat was located on June 4 by a staff member at Victoria’s Hillside Mall. It was taken to the pound, where it was treated by a veterinarian and is still receiving treatment.

Police have now released video of a man seen in the area at the time who they say may have information on what happened to the kitten.

Investigators say the person they are looking for was wearing a dark-coloured hoodie, jeans and white shoes and was “noticeably hunched over.”

Investigators are looking for this vehicle in connection with a kitten that was dumped in the trash earlier this month.

Investigators are also looking for a dark grey vehicle, which may be a 2010 Ford Escape.

Victoria Animal Control said the kitten, now dubbed Lily, almost certainly would have died if it had not been found.

It says Lily has shown significant improvement since being discovered and her appetite and activity level have improved.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Victoria police.

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