Waterloo region temperatures were extremely average in May: UW Weather Station

While May might have seemed cold, it really wasn’t that chilly, according to Frank Seglenieks of the University of Waterloo Weather Station.

He says that May 2019 clocked in at 0.7 degrees less than average for the month.

What was unusual about last month was the lack of any extreme temperatures.

There weren’t any days below zero in May, which means that the last of the frosty temperatures was on April 29.

He says in the over 20 years that the Waterloo Weather Station has been recording, this would place 2019 on the early side for the last frost of spring.

At the other end of the spectrum, the temperature also never rose above 30 C. In fact, the highest the temperature reached last month was 27.5 C.

Seglenieks says it has been more than 10 years since the month of May saw a high that was so low.

A wet May saw the area receive a total rainfall of more than 103.4 mm, well above the average of 82.3 mm.

For the year, the wet winter and spring have seen Waterloo region receive 413.2 mm total rainfall, with the average usually being 340.2 mm.

After a cold April last year, May came back extremely warm, but not so much this year. The first half of the month was about a full degree below average, but the second half was warm enough to put us at 0.7 degrees less than average overall for the month.  This was just warm enough to keep it within the average range.

Also, unlike last year when we had three days above 30 C, the highest temperature for May this year was only 27.5 C.  You have to go back 10 years to find a lower highest temperature of the month.

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