Wednesday’s London weather forecast — Sunny start turns cloudy later – The Sun

LONDONERS can expect an unsettled day across the capital.

With maximum temperatures of 20C and brighter conditions across the South East in the morning.

London weather forecast for 7am on Wednesday

In the morning expect sunny spells in London and the South East.

However, cloud is likely to thicken as we move into the afternoon.

The capital will stay dry overnight, but spells of rain are still possible.

Any heavy showers should clear by sunset.

London weather forecast for 1pm on Wednesday

UK outlook for Sunday 9 Jun 2019 to Tuesday 18 Jun 2019

The weather will remain unsettled and cool with showers across most of the country and strong winds arriving from the southwest.

The week will start off changeable and showery with some longer spells of rain, however there are indications that into the week it will become drier.

More settled conditions are likely across the northwest of the UK.

Southern areas are still more likely to see outbreaks of rain or showers, and some stronger winds at times.

At first temperatures will generally be close to or a little below average, however may get warmer particularly in the north.

UK outlook for Wednesday 19 Jun 2019 to Wednesday 3 Jul 2019

Throughout this period generally drier and mostly settled conditions will have become established across the north of the UK.

While in the south it is likely that there will be more showers and some longer spells of rain.

Thunderstorms could also potentially occur during this period.

Temperatures will likely be around average or a little above.

The northwest is most favoured for warmer than average temperatures.

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