‘White Christmas’ hotel stay for couple as they uncover ‘powder’ and pee in room

A bloke who checked into a hotel room on Christmas Day was shocked to find a dirty apartment with a “white substance” on the table and an unflushed toilet alongside half-finished bottles of booze.

Nick Botha and his wife were travelling back to their Surrey home from Scotland and decided to treat themselves to a stay at the four star Mercure in Haydock, Merseyside.

They splashed out £74 for the stay – only to find a grim room that hadn’t been cleaned, reports the Liverpool ECHO.

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The disgruntled customer filmed a video of what he found, with discarded towels and paper strewn and free shot vouchers alongside urine in the toilet and the "powder".

Nick fumed: "It was Christmas Day. Me and my wife had gone up to Scotland for a few days, but we stopped off in Haydock on the way home. We checked in with our two little dogs.

"As I always do, I take a video of the room we stay in. To my surprise as I opened the door, I saw pee in the toilet, I thought ‘this isn’t right’. The towels were used and I was surprised. I thought that a four star hotel would be a lot cleaner.

"I went into the bedroom area, I saw there was alcohol in one corner and I realised this room was not clean. When I turned around, there was this white substance all along the table and a tube next to it."

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He added: "I picked up the tube-thing and white powder fell out. You could put two and two together."

Hotel staff quickly realised their mistake and moved the couple to a fresh room, before they had dinner and slept before continuing their journey down south.

A spokesperson for the hotel confirmed they were aware of the incident and said the pair had been checked into the room in error and enjoyed a comfortable stay as soon as the issue was corrected.

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