Why ISN'T St George’s Day a bank holiday?

ST George’s Day marks what is believed to have been the legendary soldier’s death in 303AD.

He is now the patron saint of England, as well as other countries, becoming famed for supposedly killing a dragon.

Why isn’t St George’s Day a bank holiday?

April 23 marks the patron saint of England and celebrates the country's heritage.

While many countries mark their patron saint’s day with a national holiday unfortunately St George’s Day isn’t one in England.

Over the years there have been numerous calls to make St George’s Day a bank holiday in England.

On St George’s Day 2017, Jeremy Corbyn said that a Labour government would make all four British saint's days – St George’s Day (England), St David’s Day (Wales), St Andrew’s Day (Scotland) and St Patrick’s Day (Ireland) – into holidays for the whole of the UK.

Only the monarch has the power to make a day into a national holiday although following convention this is only done on the advice of government ministers.

Queen Elizabeth has to issue a Royal Proclamation to either change the date of a bank holiday or create a new one.

How is St George's day marked?

Celebrations have diminished over the centuries, although some parades and public activities still take place every year.

The hymn Jerusalem is traditionally sung on the day and Morris Dancers usually perform around the country.

Many pubs are decorated with England's flag.

The Feast of St George takes place in Trafalgar Square, London, every year but is not expected to take place this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

April 23 is also widely recognised as the birth and death of William Shakespeare.

Which countries do have a bank holiday to celebrate their patron saint?

While St Patrick's Day and St Andrew's Day are bank holidays in Ireland and Scotland respectively.

St George is also the patron saint of Venice, Genoa, Portugal, Ethiopia and Catalonia among others.

Neither Portugal or Ethiopia mark the day as a public holiday either.

The Spanish region of Aragon marks St George’s Day with a holiday but Catalonia doesn’t.

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