Woman ends up in the sea after near ferry collision off Ibiza

Terrifying moment woman ends up in the sea after near-collision between two ferries off of Ibiza

  • Passengers on one ferry appeared distressed as another one approached them
  • One woman is believed to have jumped into the sea fearing an imminent collision
  • She is said to be unhurt but one of the ferry captains has reportedly been fired

This is the terrifying moment a woman ends up in the water after a near-collision between two ferries off Ibiza.

Footage showed holidaymakers on a passenger ferry looking distressed as a larger vessel approached them at speed.   

The woman who went overboard is believed to have jumped into the sea for fear the two ferries were about to collide.

The vessels have been named as the Kontiki II, which was covering the route between Ibiza and the nearby island of Formentera; and Bahama Mama, which was heading from the Spanish mainland port of Denia near Alicante to Palma in Majorca via Ibiza.

Alarming: Concerned passengers watch (left) as the ferries appear to be heading for collision, leading one terrified woman to jump out into the sea (right) 

The incident is said to have occurred just after midday yesterday in a busy shipping lane in an area known as Es Freus between Ibiza and Formentera.

The captain of the Bahama Mama, which was travelling faster than the smaller vessel, is understood to have been told to shut down its engines to avoid a collision.

The passenger who ended up in the sea, who was on the Kontiki II which is operated by a firm called Aquabus, has not been named but is said to be okay. Her nationality has not been made public.

An investigation into the incident has been launched by local maritime officials.

The woman who jumped into the sea (left) has not been named but is said to be okay. Pictured right, passengers sit outdoors on one ferry with the other in the background 

Ibiza and Formentera Maritime Captain Luis Gascon said: ‘A situation with a risk of collision has taken place and must be investigated.’

Local reports said Aquabus had already fired the captain of the ferry for putting passengers at risk without waiting to be told who was to blame.

Thousands of Brits take the ferry to Formentera from Ibiza every summer to visit the beautiful island, which has no airport.

Formentera is famed for its white sand beaches and clear waters. 

One passenger wearing shorts looks out from the side of one of the vessels (left), over the sea near Ibiza where the near-miss took place (right) 

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