Woman falls to her death from 164ft cliff after losing her balance while posing for selfie

A WOMAN fell 164ft to her death from a cliff while posing for a selfie.

Hatice Nur Karabulut, 21, lost her balance taking a snap near the bridge from James Bond film Skyfall in the Turkish province of Adana.

She had been with her cousin Mazlum Sozeri, 26, close to the village of Hacikiri in the district of Karaisali when tragedy struck.

The pair were taking a photo with the century-old Varda Viaduct in the background, which features in the opening chase scene of 2012 hit Skyfall.

Hatice reportedly lost her footing, and Mazlum tried to grab hold of her.

But the two ended up plunging 164ft – 50 metres – into the void.

Emergency services raced to the scene and workers used a crane to winch the cousins to safety.

Sadly, Hatice was pronounced dead at the scene while her cousin was rushed to hospital.

Hatice had only recently started a new job as a chef in a local restaurant when she fell to her death at around 5.30pm on October 11.

She had taken her cousin, who was visiting from Spain where he lives, to see the popular tourist attraction.

Hatice leaves behind two grieving parents and a 14-year-old sister.

Mazlum's injuries were reported to be non-life-threatening.

The world's deadly selfie addiction has claimed the lives of 330 people across the globe, according to figures released earlier this year.

Over the past decade, numerous tragic deaths have been reported, including people falling off cliffs, being electrocuted or drowned in search of the perfect picture.

Three countries stand out as having the most selfie deaths and injuries, with India topping the list with 176.

The United States has seen 26, while Russia has recorded 19.

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