Woman’s skin falls off in chunks after hospital gives her wrong antibiotics

A woman was blinded and her skin fell off in chunks after a hospital gave her antibiotics to which she was allergic.

However prosecutors have said they will take no action against Gazi State Hospital in Ilkadim district of the Turkish city of Samsun.

Cilem Kelleci, 31, went to the hospital complaining of a urinary tract infection in February last year.

She made it clear to doctors that she was allergic to antibiotics, but said that they gave her an antibiotic treatment anyway.

A short while later she was unable to see and felt huge lumps of skin falling off her body as a result of an allergic reaction that almost killed her.

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"At one point, they told me that they were going to have to remove my right eye," she said.

Alarming photos show the patient in bed with peeling skin visible on her face, back and upper arm.

Cilem is still completely blind in her right eye and has barely 20 percent vision in her left.

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When the hospital refused to properly treat her she had to go to a private hospital.

She eventually filed a criminal complaint with prosecutors alleging negligence, which has now been rejected.

"They gave me a serum with a mixture of three," she said.

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"I was there with a member of my family who made it clear to the doctors that I was allergic to antibiotics."

She claims when she pointed out that her skin was starting to flake off several times, hospital staff had simply given her more medicine and had sent her home.

She will not accept that the hospital can ruin her life and not be convicted of negligence.

"I am 31 years old and I'm terrified that I will become a prisoner of the darkness," she said.

The last 10 months have been a nightmare for Cilem, and she has been told that every day that goes past without treatment will make it more likely that her sight will never be regained.

"I will seek justice to the end," she said.

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